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Accounting and reporting

We offer Accounting and Reporting in Russia in accordance with internal law requirements. We have highly professional specialists from different economic spheres. So you can you can request us for individual offer of Outsourced Accounting service.


    Consulting service

-   Recommendation in sphere of starting business in Russia, building of administrative and document flow processes

-   Consulting in complicated Accounting cases

-   Tax consulting


Accounting and reporting in accordance with Russian law requirements

-  Full amount of Accounting and Reporting

-  Accounting and Reporting of separate parts

-  Creativeness of Accounting reporting estimation

-  Full package of accounting reporting preparation

-  Support in communication with auditors

-  Recovery of Company Accounting


Tax Accounting and Reporting

-  Tax returns calculation and reports creation, such as profit tax, value added tax (VAT), tax on wealth, transport tax, etc. and also timely submission of tax returns declarations to legal bodies

-  Tax reports preparation and presenting them to Statistics Committee

-  Support of the Client during Tax and  In-office audits


Payroll process and HR administrating

-  Salary accounting

-  HR management and effective document flow organization

-  Calculation of insurance contributions, preparation and presenting of declaration to Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service, Retirement Fund and Social Insurance Fund.

-  Labour Contracts preparation

- Verification of obligatory HR documentation in accordance with Russian law

-  Recovery of HR documentation